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Alex Adams | 07/31/14

We can sell you a synthetic golf turf putting green dealership and give you everything you need to install artificial putting greens.

Bobbi Holzworth | 07/29/14

If you want to be own a synthetic putting green business, give us a call. If you want to help people play better golf, you can learn artificial putting green installation.

Diane Forston | 07/29/14

Being a better putting can potentially improve your game by 10 or more strokes. Many golfers are so focused on their long drive and don't pay enough attention to their putting.

Emmanuel Rodriguez | 07/27/14

Be sure you don't take a full backswing when you're hitting the ball in the sandtrap.

Bernard Dunavant | 07/27/14

Being in business for yourself is easy when you buy one of our synthetic putting green dealerships.

Bryan Dietrich | 07/27/14

The more accurate your putts, the better you will be at sinking the ball in the hole.

Ida Apellanizthomas | 07/27/14

A putting green dealership is something many people do after they retire.

David Huber | 07/25/14

Practice chipping onto your backyard putting green and you'll be a better golfer.

Erica Garner | 07/25/14

If you make your putt on the first attempt, you will make par.

Elise Gilmartin | 07/25/14

Be sure to swing with your body when you chip onto a putting green.

Diann Hall | 07/24/14

One of the most important ways to improve your golf game is to keep your eye on the ball and practice your short game. The position of your hands and your spine in relation to your shoulder rotation will determine how your golf ball will fly.

Courtney Thom | 07/24/14

When chipping the golf ball out of a sand trap, it is important to know that you actually have to hit the sand behind the ball.

Gail Behringer | 07/24/14

If you practice putting before you play on a golf course, you will probably play a better round of golf.

Earl Seely | 07/22/14

We can show you how to install undulations or sand traps in a synthetic golf turf putting green.

Candace Turer | 07/21/14

We have the best synthetic turf on the market.

Annette Hendricks | 07/19/14

Golf is a relaxing recreational sport that is played by people of all ages.

Bart Recine | 07/18/14

In order to have a predictable swing that is accurate and powerful, you need to take a few golf lessons.

Carl Selden | 07/17/14

A practice green in your backyard will help you improve your putts more than you know.

Brett Huber | 07/16/14

Remember not to look up until you have finished the follow through of your swing.

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